Atom is an open source cross-platform text editor developed by Github for Developer. It is as says, A hackable text editor for the 21st Century


  1. Teletype, real time remote coperation
  2. Git and GitHub integration
  3. Cross platform editing, support both OS X, Windows, Linux
  4. Support many languages, such as html, javascript, xml, markdown,
  5. Built-in package manager
  6. Smart autocompletion
  7. File System browser
  8. Multiple panes
  9. Find and replace
  10. Choose your favorite theme
  11. Tweak your look and feel

We are going to cover some markdown editing/previewing packages here.


the built-in markdown-preview plug-in has basic features, Markdown-Preview-Plus(MPP) brings real time preview.

Markdown-Preview-Plus features

  • Quickly open a preview of any markdown with ctrl- shift-m
  • Math rendering with persistent macro support, toggled with ctrl -shift-x
  • Optionally use pandoc with citation support
  • Live reload while editing
  • On demand synchronization

after MPP install, please disable the built-in package markdown-preview


A realistic implementation of various Markdown specifications as a flexible, drop-in alternative for language-gfm. Adds smart context-aware behavior to lists, and keyboard shortcuts for inline emphasis and links/images.

code generation

supported grammar:

  • CommonMark Markdown
  • Github Flavored Markdown (including AtomDoc)
  • Markdown Extra
  • CriticMark annotation
  • Front Matter (yaml, toml and json)
  • R Markdown

support themes

  • minimal-syntax (light, high-contrast)
  • minimal-syntax-dark (dark, high-contrast)
  • pen-paper-coffee (light, low-contrast)
  • pubster-syntax (dark, high-contrast)
  • one-o-eight-syntax (various, medium-contrast)
  • east-end-syntax (light, medium-contrast)
  • east-end-XBnotebook-syntax (light/lined, medium-contrasKOLPt)

{NHB }

Markdown Table editor

I had no love for Markdown’s table syntax before, markdown-table-editor has completely changed my mind!

Take a look at this:

table editing


  • Format tables
  • Move the cursor from cell to cell
  • Alter column’s alignment
  • Insert and delete rows and columns


Next CellMove to the next celltab
Previous CellMove to the previous cellshift + tab
Next RowMove to the next rowenter
EscapeEscape from the tableescape
FormatJust format the table

(To input a newline in a table, press shift + enter (or some equivalent) instead.)


Just use ‘ctrl+v’ paste image into markdown


  1. Take a screenshot or copy a image
  2. Go to a new (empty) line
  3. Write the filename you want the image saved under into that empty line
  4. hit ctrl+v to paste image into the markdown or rst file
  5. The replacement text (in casethe image can’t be found) will be the text you wrote, the filename will be the text you wrote without spaces
  6. By default, the image will store in current directory. But you can change this under settings


  1. ctrl-shift-f / cmd-shift-f inserts a Pandoc-style 1footnote at cursor position, then adds a new line at the end of the file with the same reference, ready for pasting of the link (or any other footnote text).
  2. After inserting the footnote, ctrl-shift-b / cmd-shift-b places the cursor back in the body of the text


this is another markdown preview/editing package that worth a try.

table editing

Markdown-preview-enhanced Features

  • Automatic scroll sync
  • Import external files
  • Code Chunk
  • Pandoc
  • Prince
  • eBook
  • Presentation Writer
  • Extensible
  • LaTeX math
  • Export PDF, PNG, and JPEG by Puppeteer
  • Export beautiful HTML (mobile device supported)
  • Compile to GitHub Flavored Markdown
  • Customize Preview CSS
  • TOC generation
  • Flowchart / Sequence diagram and many other kinds of graphs
  • Embed LaTeX, render TikZ, Chemfig etc
  • Task List (Github Flavored)
  • Image Helper
  • Footnotes
  • Front Matter
  • And many more..

while trying this, probably you should first disable Markdown-preview-plus

Hugo development

Hugo framework build some shortcodes and built-in templates for us. The shortcodes are great for writing our docs quick and clean, but markdown preview could not recognize them now. Hope we can find a solution for hugo preview plug-in in atom.

I am happy writing markdown using Atom now!

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