#How to prevent Static Electricity charge shocks

In the cold dry days, especially in spring or autumn, the most exciting moments are coming :)

  • Pass a file to a colleague, ⚡,
  • open a car door, ⚡,
  • take off a sweater, ⚡ ⚡ ⚡
  • blablabla

so what is static electricity?
how does it happen? how to prevent it ?

the definition from wiktionary

  1. An electric charge that has built up on an insulated body, often due to friction.
  2. The electric discharge from such a body.
  3. (physics) Electrostatics.

the charge can build up on insulated bodies, insulators such as rubbers, plastics, glass, ceramics, and some other liquid insulators and air insulators.

when we touch some conductors, like our hands with charge touch door steel knob, electric shock occurs. This shocks may not be dangerous for our life, but some others may bring too much harm, they should be prevented ahead.

some tips to prevent electric shocks:

  • keep the environment humid
  • ware none-polyester clothes
  • put on and take off clothes slowly
  • use hand cream and body lotions to keep you skin humid
  • touch conductive object using a key tip while grab large part of the key
  • touch wet towel
  • when getting off the car, first hold metal part of the car, then touch the ground
  • ware none-rubber sole shoes, leather sole shoes or sports shoes are much better
  • mop the floor regularly
  • have some flowers

by the way, to fight 2019 novel coronavirus viral pneumonia, face masks are widely used. Static electricity plays some important part for the protection, the static electric charge can absorb dusts and small particles.

hope we get better life after the novel coronavirus.